Griffin Needs A Home!

6 weeks ago we agreed to foster a pup from the Happy Valley – Goose Bay SPCA– introducing, Griffin!

We were a little anxious going into this; afterall, we have a dog of our own and two kids, and we wanted to be sure that a new dog would integrate smoothly into our household. Griffin was extremely underweight, filthy, and had numerous painful-looking sores on his body– and even still, he was a sweet and friendly boy right from the start!

So we bundled him into the car and brought Griffin home with us. He was a little timid when he first walked into the house (not surprising if you’ve met our Golden Retriever, Remy, who was quick to welcome Griffin very exuberantly), but he warmed up quickly. After a couple days of testing each others’ boundaries and establishing a pecking order, the two dogs have become good friends, playing boisterously and often sleeping with legs flung over one another in a heap.

We’re still working on some of Griffins habits, but he’s smart and has learned some of the more basic commands quickly. He has been wonderful with everyone he’s met, including kids and other dogs, and seeks cuddles and belly rubs from anyone who will give them. He is part husky, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he’s very talkative, usually saying “good morning” in that husky way, and reminding us when it’s time for more food, just in case we’d forgotten. He absolutely cannot help himself when there’s a hat, mitts, or footwear within reach, but thankfully all he wants to do is bring them into his bed to “mouth” a little bit, and there hasn’t been a single tear or toothmark in his “collection”.

In the 6 weeks that Griffin has been living with us he has more than doubled his weight, has been neutered and had all his “owies” looked after. He’s had numerous baths (which he was a very good boy for!) and looks and smells so much better! Griffin is a medium-sized boy at 40 pounds, with a white coat and beige ears, and brown eyes. His most distinguishing feature is his lack of a tail, but he looks pretty darn cute even without it!

And now that he’s feeling better and is all healed up, it’s time for Griffin to find his family! He’s such a sweet boy with lots of personality, we hope he’ll find a home where he’ll have some playmates and humans that will give him all the affection and attention that he deserves! If you, or someone you know, would like to adopt playful Griffin, contact the Happy Valley – Goose Bay SPCA to fill out an application!

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