I Made A Mukluk! Yup, Just One.

One of the best opportunities I’ve had since moving to Happy Valley – Goose Bay has been working with a local elder to create beautiful, handmade moccasins and mukluks. (Thank you, Maryanne!)

To be completely honest, before taking up this project with my own two hands I would pick up pre-made moccasins in the local stores and put them back down again after seeing the $150+ price tag (not because the craftsmanship wasn’t beautiful, but because I personally don’t put footwear too high on my list of values and priorities)! Well let me tell you– after buying the materials, putting in the work, and skewering my fingers 8 dozen times with the leather needle (OW)– those beautifully beaded, handmade, genuine leather moccasins and mukluks are worth far more than the number on their price tag!

Which brings me now to my creation– my mukluk! I’m a lover of simplicity, and subtle design. Because of this I opted to use a jet-black hide for the body of my mukluks. (As an added bonus, the black colouring covered up all the blood spots from where I impaled myself with the needle! No joke– a lot of blood, sweat and tears literally went into this boot.) I decorated the boot with black rabbit fur and (what I thought was) a simple bead design that matches my business logo!

The problem is… because of how labour-intensive this project is, and the fact that my beading took up a lot more time than I’d anticipated, I decided that I would focus all my attention on one single boot during the 6 week class. That way I would at least know what I was doing from start-to-finish, and I could complete the second boot in my own time.

Well, here I am, very proud of my one, single beautiful mukluk. Now I’ve got 6 months to finish the second boot so that I can wear them next winter! So if you’re out and about in Goose Bay and you spot these mukluks (hopefully there will be two!!!), be sure to stop me and say “hello”!

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