One Of My Favourite Parts Of Spring…

Spring is an all-around wonderful time of the year, but one of my very favourite parts is getting back to gardening!

I love planting seeds, and then eagerly waiting to see which ones will pop up first (this year is was a lettuce mix, followed by the radishes!)– it’s a love that I’ve passed along to my kids, and all summer long you’ll be able to find us all outside in the garden taking care of our “crop”! There’s nothing quite like filling the dinner table with fresh fruits and vegetables that you cared for yourself!

This year is my first time planting here in Goose Bay, and I’m grateful to have a number of other gardeners who are familiar with this area to help guide me through the process! For now, my plants are itty-bitty and growing in their individual little pots, but I’m hopeful that by the end of the month I’ll be able to work the soil in our plot, and get these little guys into the ground! Then hopefully all summer long we’ll be feasting on tomatoes and peas, potatoes and radishes, lettuce and strawberries and cucumber and beans! Mmmmm!

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