Rachal + Riley | The Timber House

Last week Trev and I left Goose Bay for one last Ontario wedding of the season, and it was the perfect way to finish it off! Trevor and Riley go way back, and he was also one of the first people from Trevs life that I got to meet when we started dating. Rachal is also a member of the regimental family, so we’ve had the privilege of knowing them both through countless balls, parades and ceremonies, etc. So when Rachal reached out to us after their engagement to see if we would return to Ontario to photograph their wedding, it was a booking that we had to take!

When we arrived at the Timber House in Brighton, the weather outside was perfect and Rachal and her bridal party were just getting the finishing touches done to their hair and makeup. We whisked the gorgeous wedding dress outside for the all-important dress shot before Riley arrived at the venue, and finished up with the ladies just in time! Riley and his groomsmen rolled up (early!) and we set up for the First Look and portraits, so that everyone could have the chance to relax before the ceremony! Riley waited, back turned, for his bride to make her way towards him, before telling him to turn around so that they could share a private moment together. Afterwards, we walked around the grounds and invited the Wedding Party to join us so that they could enjoy lunch together and relax in the air conditioned suite before guests started to arrive.

Their ceremony took place outside under the trees and a pretty timber arch (fitting, for the Timber House), sweetly conducted by Rachals grandparents, while family, friends, and the regimental family (who fall into both the family and friends category!) watched. At the end of the aisle the sword party waited to honour the newlyweds, of course! Family portraits and the cocktail hour followed the ceremony, after which Rachal and Riley shared their first dance, parent dances, and finished with the sweetest Father/Daughter dance between Riley and his daughter (which I’m quite sure left not a dry eye in the entire room).

We then moved on to a beautiful tented reception for dinner and speeches, which prompted more tears, particularly during Best Man Matt’s words. We again moved indoors, where the party kicked off with a shot for all serving military members (which included, no joke, about half the guest list), and then the music started! Knowing this particular group of people, it’s probably a safe bet to say that the party continued well into the night.

Rachal and Riley (and Evelyn)– I can’t say enough how happy Trevor and I both were to be with you on your wedding day. Wishing you love, health, and happiness as you begin your lives together.

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