Riley + Rachal | Newcastle Engagment

I met Riley and Rachal years ago through Trevor’s connections to the Ontario Regiment, so in a sense, these two are almost more family than they are friends! So when they got engaged and asked Trev and I if we would be willing to fly back to Ontario for their wedding, the answer was an easy yes!

But of course, before the wedding comes the engagement portraits! Initially we weren’t sure we’d be able to coordinate our schedules, but when I made my way to Ontario for wedding season we made it work!

We met at a nearby Bowmanville park just before sunset and made our way along the river. Poor Rachal was eaten alive by the mosquitoes, but these two were up for anything I threw at them– sitting in the weeds, walking through the mud, getting into the river, you name it!

In a couple weeks I’ll be back in Ontario for Riley and Rachal’s wedding– I can’t wait to see them both again!

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