The Best, and Worst, Parts of Being A Transient Entrepreneur

Where are all my fellow entrepreneurs? Those of you who are one, who know one, or who work with one, know that it’s both a challenging and rewarding path to follow. I’ve been at it now for over 6 years, and on a weekly (heck, sometimes daily!) basis I still go through a rollercoaster of feelings, from elation (how did I get so lucky to call this my career!) to massive self-doubt (why do I do this to myself!). Adding to the challenge is that with Trevors career I have to re-establish myself in a new area any time the military posts us to a new city! Yikes! But while that certainly adds an element of uncertainty to the job, it’s not all bad!

GREAT: I’ve always loved experiencing new places and lifestyles! So having the chance to move to different cities is a great big PLUS for me! And as far as experiencing something new goes, Goose Bay has been a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! So far we’ve enjoyed a breathtaking landscape, dog sledding and mummering, new food and drinks, and some of the friendliest people!

NOT SO GREAT: For a business that relies so heavily on relationship-building and word-of-mouth, having to leave one place where you’ve made so many connections to go to another place where you know nobody– well, business basically comes to a screeching halt for awhile.

GREAT: Meeting new people and building relationships with other small business owners has been a blessing! It’s easy to grow complacent once you’ve established yourself in one given area, but there’s certainly something to be said for having no choice but to market yourself more, network more, and put yourself out there more. I’ve met so many wonderful people since moving here, people that I never would have encountered otherwise, and for that, I am grateful.

NOT SO GREAT: Being the new kid in town. Having grown up in a small town, I recognize that there are some people with the mentality that “if you haven’t lived here your whole life, you’re not as valuable as those who have”, buuuuut, it stinks. It’s not fun. We try really hard to engage and support the community that we live in– becoming members of associations, supporting small, local businesses, building relationships, and volunteering our time to causes that we believe in– so it’s a big bummer any time we hear “they’re not from here, and that’s why you shouldn’t work with them”. Sadly, it happens. Luckily, for each person that feels that way, there’s 99 other wonderful people that open their arms and welcome us! And for that, I’m extremely grateful. You are appreciated.

If moving this business from one city to the next were optional, I’m not sure I would change a thing. One day down the line, we’ll have to decide on a city to retire to, and we’ll begin to put down roots. I’m sure by the time that happens I’ll be more than happy to settle, but for the time being, I’m thankful for the things that I’ve learned from having to move my business and re-establish myself somewhere new. And who knows– each new city we live in holds a little piece of our hearts, and gets added to the list of “perfect places to retire to”!

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