Trevors DNA Revealed!

So if you’ve been following our Blog you’ll probably remember that back in March I bought Trevor a DNA kit for his birthday to find out what his ancestry is! (If you haven’t had a chance to read the original post, check it out here!)

Last week Trev got the email to say that his results were ready, and he waited until the weekend to look at them so that I could record the big reveal!

To recap, here’s how we expected his results to look (with rough guesstimates as the the percentage, and in the order we anticipated):

British: 40%
Scottish: 30%
Irish: 15%
Scandinavian: 10%
Native: 5%

Now we always assumed that you’d pretty much be able to figure out your ancestry percentages by doing the math. (For example, my dad was born and raised in Germany, so I would assume that 50% of my DNA, that which came from him, would be German.) But apparently that’s not the case! While working out the math that way will give you a general idea of what your background is, in reality your DNA can be pulled from any of your past relations in varying amounts. For this reason, it’s also likely that siblings would not have the same ancestry percentages, because one might pull a high percentage from a great great grandfather, while the other may pull more from a grandmother on the other side of the family. So weird!

While our assumptions as to the various regions were for the most part fairly correct, we were pretty far off-base on the percentages we got! So without further ado, here are the results of Trevors DNA test!



After seeing his results and having a little bit of time to think about it, Trevor says that even though he went into this with a fairly decent idea of what to expect, the results (specifically finding out what his most prevalent ancestry is, and as well having zero results in an area he was expecting a bit of) has left him feeling a little off-balance. Like his life has shifted in some small way. And while I wasn’t too interested in having my DNA tested before, after seeing Trevors results I think it might be something that I do for myself too!

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