Tutorial Tuesday | The Brenizer Method

Any photographer can tell you that one of the benefits of shooting with a long focal length is the incredible compression you get– images where the subject jumps off the photo at you and everything else just falls away in a soft, dreamy blur. The downside though is that this compression is best achieved with a telephoto lens like an 85mm, 135mm, or 70-200mm, which means you’re likely missing out on the beautiful surroundings!

That’s where the Brenizer Method comes in handy! Ryan Brenizer, an insanely talented photographer based out of New York City, developed a technique for creating wide-aperture panoramic portraits that balances a super low depth of field with a wide angle shot.

The technique is achieved by taking dozens of photographs and stitching them together in photoshop as a panorama, which I’m going to walk you through in the video below!

PS: I should mention that in the video I talk about cropping frames and how if you do you’ll want to copy the crop settings to all images, when what I actually should have said was there’s no reason to crop any of the photos! Photoshop will be taking all the photos and lining them up perfectly, which is why it’s important to have lots of overlap between the frames; if you start cropping away portions that are supposed to overlap the next frame, poor Photoshop isn’t going to know how to merge them together!

PPS: Thanks to the magic of video editing I was able to speed up the Photoshop process– in reality it took my computer over 13 minutes to stitch the images together, and that was with only 49 frames and a lightning quick processor, so if you’ve hit OK to merge, you might as well walk away and make yourself a tea… read a book… take a nap… and check back in a little while.

PPPS: Do  you have any other techniques that you’d like to see done Tutorial Tuesday style? Let me know in the comments!



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