Welcome to Our Updated (Online) Home!

Our online home has been inactive for a few days while we got to work updating the site to better reflect our services!

After some long nights, and copious amounts of coffee, I’m so happy to have our little corner of the internet back up and running. For the most part you will still see the same information and images of wonderful people, but here’s the shortlist on the things that have changed:


New menu items:

We’ve removed the Galleries menu tab, and added a Family tab. Galleries and service information can be found under the corresponding menu tab– Family tab for details on family portrait sessions, and Weddings tab for details on wedding Collections.


A whole new page:

Happy Valley Goose Bay Website Update Family Photography_Ackland-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Newfoundland-Labrador-Goose

We’ve been celebrating family a lot lately, and I thought that it was high time for this style of session to have its very own home on our website! So rather than lumping our wedding and family session information all together under one tab, they’ve been separated to give you more session-specific information. I think the Family page is my new favourite page on the whole website!


This guy:

In an effort to better distinguish between our Wedding services and our Family portrait services, we’re starting to introduce some specific branding (like this guy!) specifically for our family portrait work.


More art pieces:

E Lifestyle Guide Print Display_Ackland-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Newfoundland-Labrador-Goose

We love gorgeous heirloom art pieces! Aside from the fact that they’re just downright swoon-worthy, they’re also your family’s legacy. The world is in love with digital, including me, but nothing can compare to holding a photo in your hand and taking it in with your eyes and your hands.


And finally, this working link:

Happy Valley Goose Bay Website Update Family Photography Newsletter_Ackland-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Newfoundland-Labrador-Goose

Our Sign Up For Our Newsletter link has been “Coming Soon” for quite awhile, and it’s finally linked to our newsletter signup page! Can I get a hallelujah!


We hope that the updates will give you a better user experience when you visit our online home! If you have any suggestions for ways to make it even better, shoot us a message!


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